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Namasate. Greetings. I am [info]dreamsofpaprika.

I created this alternate account for my pictures ONLY, because my other account apparently ran out of picture space, and not wanting to delete my old pictures to make more room, I decided an alternate LJ account would be the easiest way to cross-post, rather than link pictures from photobucket or flickr, which only links one picture at  time. I will be linking my picture posts to the other journal, so feel free to see them there, too. I keep ALL art open to the public.

Comment to be added.

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So, I haven't drawn in a long time due to getting ready for college and all but I found some free time today to start a new drawing. I wanted to work on more concept art for my novel but I decided to take a break. Feeling really inspired by queen_asante's Ed, Edd 'N' Eddy fanfic entitled Edd, Interrupted  which explores more of the dark-side of the original 90's children's T.V. show, I decided to draw my favorite character after the Eds: Rolf, a farm-boy from Europe who speaks English in a thick northern European accent. As you can tell from my new icons, I currently got re-obsessed with this old stupid fandom of mine; if you aren't a 90's kid like me you probably don't know what it is let alone remember it although they still air re-runs of old episodes, I think. Anyhow, Rolf has always been my favorite Cul-de-sac kid, and he is the most 3-dimensional after the main characters. I personally think he is the best foreign cartoon character ever created. Danny Antonucci, the creator of Ed, Edd 'N' Eddy embodied a lot of himself in the character of Rolf, being an Italian boy growing up in Canada to immigrant parents.

Rolf 001

Both the scan and the new LJ photo up-loader insults the Son of a Shepherd.

You can also see it here on deviantART in better quality, since LJ messed it up.

A turnip for your thoughts. Collapse )

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Please Don't Go to Scarborough Fair Photo 15 by ~Sarahfina-Rose on deviantART

Please Don't Go to Scarborough Fair Photo 16 by ~Sarahfina-Rose on deviantART

Please Don't Go to Scarborough Fair Photo 17 by ~Sarahfina-Rose on deviantART

FINALLY, it's done, and I even saved my dead roses for the right occasion in order to get into the Scarborough Fair mood.

What was supposed to be a quick request for zipzap1313 of Randall X Fungus from Monsters, Inc. turned into something more... complex. This ended up taking me two and a half whole long months, from April 1st till June 17th.

But I must say, it was worth it. I won't say this is my best work, but I am pleased with it. What went from this  became this:

Worth it? Hell yes.

Please don't go to Scarborough Fair...Collapse )

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reg_flint suggested I try the Flower in a Bottle with different lighting. It's difficult to find good lighting in my house except the back bedroom, but I was able to manage some interesting angles and contrasting light on my drawing desk by the big window.

Again, I am no master photographer, these shots are, in no way, professional, nor do I intend them to be. I am merely experimenting with lights and darks, thank you very much. Any criticism is welcomed. 

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Please Don't Go to Scarborough Fair Photo 11 by ~Sarahfina-Rose on deviantART

A request for zipzap1313:iconzipzap1313:

So I worked none stop for almost three and a half hours the night before last, I worked diligently till 2:00 in the morning. My hand still hurts from artist's cramp, but hell, it was worth it. :XD:

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My twin sister jdnightghobhadi and I did a sort of continuation of the ''Ghost Photoshoot'' wearing the same dress but changing the concept around by taking the red cloak from the Christine Daae Rooftop Dress and transforming it into a Red Riding Hood-esque look.

Here's the result:

More here. Collapse )

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Part 1 here.

And cross-posted here.

So my twin sister jdnightghobhadi and I did the rest of the ''Ghost Photoshoot'' a few days back.
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So I shaded Randall and outlined his veins. It's making slow progress. zipzap1313's health is improving a bit, so that's good. It gives me more confidence to finish the drawing for her.

There's four videos under the cut, two in which I talk about the drawing a little bit.

Videos, another photo and scans.Collapse )

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I may not be done with this by Easter for zipzap1313 as I planned, but it's making some progress. Hopefully it'll be ready for her when she gets out of the hospital.

Get well soon, yaar.

A Part 5 of the video process here.

And Part 6 here.

More photos and scans here.Collapse )

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So I did a completely and totally random photoshoot with my prettier and skinnier twin sister jdnightghobhadi wearing our mother's bridal gown. The ancient thing has been passed down the family through three generations: my great-grandmother to my grandmother to my mother. My sister and I are not planning on getting married, however, so you will probably never see us in the dress  outside of this so-called photoshoot.

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